LIVE AT STUDIO A (ATM3109)-SPECIAL LIMITED EDITION (limited to 300 units). The cost is $149.99 for THREE discs (2 part Blu-ray and one SACD) and these are numbered and signed by Lyn Stanley.

Now available-limited supply for this Special Limited Edition.

This album has been released as a 1080K BluRay video with Dolby Atmos, 5.1 surround sound and stereo 192/24 bit options.  A SACD-hybrid version with one immersive disc containing 5.1 surround sound, 24bit/192, single DSD and 16bit/44.1 wav files.  In this Special Limited Edition packaging you get ALL three discs–the Blu-ray-Part One of the show (about 36 minutes), Part Two of the show (about 45 minutes) and  the SACD hybrid stereo audio disc (about 70 minutes of music).  This special limited edition has all three discs and they are individually numbered and signed by Lyn Stanley.  Only 300 Special Limited Edition units were created.  Also available are the SACD only and the Blu-ray versions of this album (see links below).  A vinyl version of this album is currently in production and expected to be released in March 2021.  Pre-order the 2 disc 45rpm 180 gram vinyl mastered by Bernie Grundman here.

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SACD only version.       Blu-ray-only version.


Lyn Stanley at Tivoli HiFi talks about her Direct To Disc Project in Melbourne Australia August 2019

Lyn Stanley’s London With A Twist-Live At Bernie’s double disc 45RPM 180 gram Master Lacquer recording is one of a few direct cut albums made with 12 minutes plus three or more songs in a row with a vocalist. This is one of the greatest challenges in the recording industry and Lyn describes all that can go wrong and right when you approach a complicated project with an open mind. Here, on a rainy winter evening in Melbourne Australia, Lyn attended a McIntosh Laboratory 70th year Anniversary presentation at Tivoli HiFi, a fine audio retail store offering top audio equipment to Australian fans. Maning the turntable is Mark Dohmann of Dohmann audio. The video footage was filmed at Triovili HiFi in Melbourne Australia by Erica and Philippe Luder. The photos included in this video were contributed by A.T. Music LLC and edited into the video by Rego Media Group, Woodland Hills, California USA. The equipment used in this video are all part of the McIntosh Laboratories, Inc. product line and listed individually at the end of the video.





LOS ANGELES, CA: Saul Levine, fifty-year veteran programmer for public radio station California State University, Long Beach’s highly regarded KKJZ-88.1 FM radio (and also former iconic jazz station KBCA) names Los Angeles based vocalist, Lyn Stanley as his Female Jazz Vocalist of the year for 2018. This coveted Programmer’s Award by Mr. Levine is in recognition “..for the achievement of releasing three incredible recordings, 1) The Moonlight Sessions, Volume One, 2) The Moonlight Sessions Volume Two, 3) London Calling-A Toast To Julie London and 4) an upcoming rare vinyl master Direct-To-Disc recording (released in May 2019) entitled London With A Twist- Live At Bernie’s.

Mr. Levine notes that Ms. Stanley’s recordings “…are a revival of some of the greatest hits ever produced for Broadway Shows and Hollywood movies. They are chestnuts deserving to be reintroduced to the America public. The great American Songbook lives again with the added benefit of ‘State Of The Art” recording techniques thanks to Lyn Stanley.”


The Julie London Project–A Two Album Tribute (London Calling-A Toast To Julie London and London With A Twist-Live At Bernie’s – Home Page

Watch a mini-documentary about the process of making a rare direct to disc recording called London With A Twist, part two of Lyn Stanley’s Julie London tribute project:

Listen to a Sample:  Pink Cadillac from London With A Twist

Sample Track #2: Route 66 from London With A Twist


Lyn Stanley Announces “London Calling-A Toast To Julie London” Hi Fidelity Double Vinyl Album


To watch a video about The Making of London Calling-A Toast To Julie London CLICK HERE.

Listen to a sample from the album:  Blue Moon

Listen to a sample:  Summertime

Lyn Stanley announces her 6th album–a collection of 17 songs–15 are well known covers of Julie London and Lyn adds two more songs she wished Julie had recorded.  These include “It’s Impossible” and “Heard It Through The Grapevine.”   This album includes state of the art engineering for exceptional audiophile quality, analog mixed and mastered by Allen Sides and Bernie Grundman.

Musicians for this album are the best of the best and they also created the arrangements with Lyn.  You’ll hear new approaches to old standards and popular songs in Julie’s performing days.  The Featured Artist is guitarist, John Chiodini and he is supported by a cast of notables:  Piano:  Mike Garson and Christian Jacob; Bass:  Chuck Berghofer (who played for Julie London) and Mike Valerio; Percussion: Luis Conte, Aaron Serfaty and Brad Dutz; Drums: Aaron Serfaty and Paul Kreibich.  All vocals by Lyn Stanley.

Listen to a sample: Heard It Through The Grapevine

Engineering:  Recorded by Steve Genewick, Rouble Kapoor and Spencer Guerra.  Mixing by Allen Sides.  Mastering by Bernie Grundman.  

Anticipated release of this version of the tribute project is December 2018.  A “Live” direct to disc version will be limited to fewer songs and released as a 45RPM album hopefully in February 2019.  The initial retail pricing of the 33RPM version is $79.99 signed and numbered (500 units only) and $59.99 for units after Special Limited Edition 500 albums.  More information to come on how to pre-order this album through various websites/distributors.  Packaging includes a beautiful 20 page full color booklet with liner notes by jazz historian, Scott Yanow and comments by Lyn Stanley.

Listen to a Sample:  Goody Goody

Song list includes (subject to order change):

 1. Goody Goody (2:51)
2.    I’ve Got A Crush On You (2:51)
3.    Call Me Irresponsible (3:35)
4.    Bye Bye Blackbird (2:51)
5.    Sway (5:13)
6.    Light My Fire (3:34)
7.    Blue Moon (3:14)
8.    As Time Goes By (5:23)
9.    It’s Impossible (3:55) [bonus track]
10.Cry Me A River (4:10)
11.You The Night And The Music (2:24)
12.Summertime (5:10) [band version]
13.Go Slow/Nice Girls Don’t Stay For Breakfast (2:51)
14.Heard It Through The Grapevine (5:27) [bonus track]
15.How About Me? (2:52)
16.Ev’ry Time We Say Goodbye (4:07)
17.Summertime (6:21) [piano vocal] 

Lyn Stanley Press Release “London Calling”-a Toast To Julie London


Los Angeles, CA: When sultry singer Lyn Stanley aims her attention on a topic, you can count on her to jump in with both elegantly clad feet. She immerses herself in research till she’s satisfied she can more than hold her own on the subject. These days, the Southern California-based jazz vocalist has her laser focus on another SoCal chanteuse, Julie London, a frequent presence on radio airwaves in the 1950s and ’60s with hits like “Cry Me a River.”

The upcoming Julie London-inspired project is the sixth release for vocalist Lyn Stanley, who was discovered in 2011 by the iconic pianist Paul Smith, a studio giant who was Ella Fitzgerald’s musical director and frequent collaborator over several decades. Lyn put out her first album in 2013, and since then has released four others to critical and popular acclaim. Her 2017 dual release, The Moonlight Sessions, Volume One andVolume Two, reaped glowing reviews and stellar sales—earning more than $200,000, a rare figure in the tiny independently produced jazz market. (Jazz overall accounted for only 1.2 percent of total music album consumption in 2017, according to Statista.com.)

In preparation for the upcoming sessions, Stanley is studying London’s timing, phrasing, musical preferences, and song selections. She’s also taking vocal training to forge greater understanding of London’s style. Lyn points out, “For delivery, it’s going to be my stuff, my way. But I want to understand her breathiness and laid back vocal technique.  We both are known for our sensual delivery but the technique differs.”

A long-time Julie London fan, Lyn recalls: “I unknowingly had her songs in my repertoire, and when my first album came out and critics compared me to her, it was a pleasant surprise.” Julie London recorded dozens of albums and sold millions of singles; besides her vocal ventures, she also enjoyed a successful 50-year movie and television career that included the TV show Emergency! But despite her success as a vocalist, Julie primarily considered herself an actress rather than a singer.

For Lyn Stanley, understanding that mind-set is key to grasping London’s way with a song: “Julie London described herself an actor, not singer, and had to get in character as a way to decide how the music should be delivered,” Lyn notes.  A project video link is here:  https://youtu.be/Zx4kwNOtDxs

While both Lyn Stanley and Julie London could be described as sultry and sophisticated singers, the upcoming session will be an appreciation, not an imitation. This album will offer new tunes not yet recorded that are London covers. To date, the exact song lineup for the album hasn’t been set in stone, but in addition to the likes of “Body and Soul” listeners will be treated to timeless tunes covered by London such as sultry and swinging versions of “What Is This Thing Called Love?,” “Girl Talk,” and “Route 66’.” Some of the song selections will be in London’s song keys in keeping with a tribute.

In addition to acclaim for her velvety alto, choice of material, and her unique and personal approach to songs, Stanley’s attention to detail in the studio has garnered raves.

Lyn can be counted on to surround herself in the studio with the crème de la crème of musicians. For this venture, she’s aiming for the intimate sound of piano, bass, drums, and guitar and percussion. This time Lyn is teaming up with pianist, Mike Lang, who was an acompanist on her debut album Lost In Romance (including her popular version of Fever) and also played in her Potions [from the 50s] album. Chuck Berghofer (bass), John Chiodini (guitar), Aaron Serfaty (drums and percussion) and Luis Conte (percussionist).

Always the perfectionist, Lyn looks forward to recording some of the tunes direct-to-disc; not only does she appreciate the sound the process yields, she also enjoys the challenge.  “We’ll have great engineering it but our performance is critical. You have to be into the musical moment as there will only be chord change charts-no set arrangements. The pressure is on all of us to create our best performances. But, it’s a great format if we execute it well.”

Stay tuned for more details on this exciting project. Who knows, this could be the start of a great new series of tribute albums from the ever-creative Lyn Stanley.

“Lyn–I have seen you evolve from a very good vocalist to now among the MOST OUTSTANDING. You get top billing on KKJZ. The new album…is marvelous!!” –Saul Levine, Mt. Wilson Broadcasting Inc.

Saul Levine, KKJZ, proclaims The Moonlight Sessions Volume Two“One of the best albums of the century!”
FOR MORE INFORMATION:  Assistant@lynstanley.com


Lyn Stanley, International Recording Artist


Lyn Stanley Releases Her Big Band Novel Noel Album!

It’s arrived!  And the critics are loving every minute of this new big band holiday release.

Now available –

LP– Spectacular, numbered and signed first edition pressing, with incredible sounding 45RPM, double discs, 180g, that comes with original art 11 x 11 inch -20 page keepsake booklet with liner notes and credits.–In Stock

CD-16bit/44.1 version from the Double DSD analog to digital mix.-this is packaged as a digiPak and comes with an 8 page booklet with art and credits. —In Stock!

SACD–This version has both the Stereo and 5.1 ch DSD audio on the SA-CD layer, plus the 16/44.1K audio on the CD layer.  Comes in a digiPak with a 12 page booklet that includes original art, liner notes and technical notes.–Pre-order now.

Reel to Reel: A very special edition of selected songs from this album will be available on one reel per version you decide your favorites–or get all for the full album.  Made to order/set list is pre-decided.