Lyn Stanley at Tivoli HiFi talks about her Direct To Disc Project in Melbourne Australia August 2019

Lyn Stanley’s London With A Twist-Live At Bernie’s double disc 45RPM 180 gram Master Lacquer recording is one of a few direct cut albums made with 12 minutes plus three or more songs in a row with a vocalist. This is one of the greatest challenges in the recording industry and Lyn describes all that can go wrong and right when you approach a complicated project with an open mind. Here, on a rainy winter evening in Melbourne Australia, Lyn attended a McIntosh Laboratory 70th year Anniversary presentation at Tivoli HiFi, a fine audio retail store offering top audio equipment to Australian fans. Maning the turntable is Mark Dohmann of Dohmann audio. The video footage was filmed at Triovili HiFi in Melbourne Australia by Erica and Philippe Luder. The photos included in this video were contributed by A.T. Music LLC and edited into the video by Rego Media Group, Woodland Hills, California USA. The equipment used in this video are all part of the McIntosh Laboratories, Inc. product line and listed individually at the end of the video.