An Appealing, Decadent Debut

The seduction of sound has many different phases as it effects the listener’s emotions. There is the phase of reflection, which exhumes memories of lovers and lives bygone. Another phase is that of wholehearted hope, which creates conceptually, visually and insightfully into what could be, if one allowed it to be. When a vocalist exercises their talent, all of these must be taken into consideration, in order for the arrangement to accomplish its affect. Lyn Stanley absorbs the seduction of sound as it pertains to the sentiments of the American Songbook, thus creating her first debut album Lost in Romance (A.T. Music, LLC 2013). However you will never find Stanley lost in romance but embedded deep into the heartbeat of the art of romanticizing nostalgia.

Lost in Romance is a multi-layered expose of song with numerous psyches, which when performed, tells a story throughout the music sheets of a quixotic era.

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