Audiophile Audition Review of Lyn Stanley’s Interludes

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Lyn Stanley – Interludes – AT Music 3104 – stereo-only SACD, 58:44 ***1/2:

(Lyn Stanley – vocals; Bill Cunliffe – piano; Chuck Berghofer – bass; Ray Brinker – drums; John Ciodini – guitar; Rob McChesney – trombone; Henrick Meurkens – harmonica; Brad Dutz – percussion; Cecelia Tsan – cello; Mike Garson – piano; Paul Kreibich – drums; Steve Rawlins – finger snaps)

Unlike most vocalists, Lyn Stanley singing was a second act. After a career in advertising the Washington native trained as a ballroom dancer. She overcame a serious car accident to become a national champion. Stanley always had an interest in singing (with a keen appreciation for Judy Garland), and in 2010 pursued this dream. After just a few months of singing lessons, she recorded her successful debut, Lost In Romance.  The album garnered international success. She followed with Potions (produced by Kenny Werner) which boasted a collection of 50’s-era tunes.