THE MOONLIGHT SESSIONS: Ultimate Sound and Music

“Audiophile’s jazz singer of the decade” creates her new 2017 project The Moonlight Sessions with the highest level of quality in today’s musical recordings.



CD Review:

Lyn Stanley redefines what a ‘song stylist’ is, June 18, 2017


Grady Harp

This review is from: The Moonlight Sessions, Vol. 1 (MP3 Music)

Wildly popular Southern California vocalist Lyn Stanley’s new project ventures into new musical territory with her creative approach to American music. This time, she’s borrowing from the classical composers–Chopin, Beethoven, Debussy, Mozart, and Ravel to breathe a new excitement into a few jazz standards like you’ve never heard them before. This series begins with this Volume One. She has also added songs to this special project from the country and pop genres and added arrangement twists with jazz applications that modernize them as they delight your ears. Lyn delivers every song with the finesse and confidence of a veteran song stylist – and she is only a few years into her vocal career.

The ensemble is Lyn Stanley – vocals, Mike Garson – piano, Christian Jacob – piano, Tamir Hendelman – piano, Chuck Berghofer – bass, Ray Brinker – drums, Bernie Dresel – drums, Joe LaBarbara – drums, Luis Conte – percussion, John Chiodini – guitar, Chuck Findley – trumpet, Rickey Woodard – tenor saxophone, Bob McChesney – trombone, and Hendrik Meurkens – harmonica.

The tracks are as follows: All of Nothing at All, Willow Weep for Me, Moonlight Serenade, My Funny Valentine, Embraceable You, Why Don’t You Do Right, Girl Talk, Crazy, Close Your Eyes, How Insensitive, Break It to Me Gently, and In the Wee Small Hours.

The lady steams with talent and surrounds herself with the very best musicians and arrangers in the business. A total Winner! Grady Harp, June 17, 2017

She has also added songs to this special project from the country and pop genres and added arrangement twists with jazz applications that modernize them as they delight your ears. On board for The Moonlight Sessions are her stellar cast of musicians.  Piano: Mike Garson, Christian Jacob and Tamir Hendelman; Bass: Chuck Berghofer; Drums: Joe La Barbara, Ray Brinker and Bernie Dresel; Jazz Guitar: John Chiodini; Percussion: Luis Conte; Harmonica: Hendrik Meurkens; Harp: Corky Hale, Carol Robins; Trumpet: Chuck Findley; Trombone: Bob McChesney; Tenor Sax: Rickey Woodard are all on board and recorded.  This project’s arrangers include, Mike Garson, Christian Jacob, Tamir Hendelman, John Chiodini, Steve Rawlins and Doug Walter.  Lyn Stanley is the Executive Producer with Co-Producers Lyn Stanley, Mike Garson and John Chiodini.

The recording engineers for this project are Al Schmitt and Steve Genewick.  Tracks were recorded at The Village Recording Studio D in Los Angeles, California in February 2017.”


Volume One: (RELEASED May 30, 2017) click here.

Volume Two: (anticipated release August 2017) click here.

To see a video of the recording sessions for the Moonlight Sessions click this link:

Lyn Stanley’s SuperSonicVinyl™ is a superior quality vinyl, utilizing state of the art mixing and mastering techniques, from top engineers and studio boards, and combined with top rated master engineering and ONE-Step experienced pressing plants we create what we believe is the ultimate in sounding records.

About the ONE-Step processThis process was used often in the early days of vinyl.  But when mass vinyl production was needed, the manufacturers had to create more cost effective means to make vinyl copies and the “three step” process was the new standard.
To make a vinyl record, you need a “Negative Source” to imprint the vinyl grooves. The industry standard today is a THREE-step lacquer process designed to create the largest number of records from one lacquer (they are expensive to create).  To do this three steps are required–from the lacquer (positive source) STEP ONE: make a “Father” (a negative source), STEP TWO: create a Mother from the Father (positive source) and then STEP THREE: create “Stampers” (negative source) from the “Mother.”   This way the “Father” does not get used very often and is the most preserved “negative source.”  However, the record you listen to is three steps removed from the original mastered lacquer and can grab hissing, or subtile glitches that affect the sound recording on your system.  The ONE-Step method takes the “Father” from the original lacquer and that is what will create your vinyl record.  Some “Fathers” only last for 100 pressings, others have gone to 1000.  It depends on the processing and original lacquer quality.  Once the Father is no longer able to make a great recording, it must be destroyed and no other albums can be created from that original lacquer.

The Absolute Sound-Sept.2016 – 4page Interview with Lyn Stanley! Read it here.

This review was originally published in The Absolute Sound Magazine.
Click here to read the entire interview.

In the middle of Saturday afternoon at AXPONA 2016 in Chicago, I witnessed what is surely the most demanding test of an audio system there can be—an A/B showdown with The Real Thing. A crowd of around 50 gathered in front of a pricey system
in the Legacy loudspeaker room— several systems, actually—to listen to the playback of recordings featuring a sultry-voiced alto singing popular songs from the mid-20th century, supported on disc by elegantly idiomatic small group jazz arrangements. What made the demonstration unusual was that the artist in question, Lyn Stanley, was standing between the speakers, occasionally singing along with her recorded self. Talk about “the absolute sound” as a benchmark: You can run but you can’t hide.

Stanley has become a fixture at audio shows, in the U.S. and abroad, and has done this kind of demonstration many times. Always a striking presence—she’s a professional ballroom dancer as well as a chanteuse and looks the part, which tends to make her stand out in a crowd of sartorially-challenged audiophiles— Stanley cogently explains to her rapt audience what they should be listening for, musically and sonically. Over the past several years, Stanley has recorded and released three exceptional albums, Lost in Romance (2013), Potions [from the 50’s] (2014), and Interludes (2015). All three are available as hybrid stereo SACDs, on vinyl, and most recently as highresolution downloads from Stanley’s new website, The next two planned projects are a collection of ballads that will honor tenor saxophone great Stanley Turrentine and a big band album that focuses on dance music associated with Fred Astaire, Ginger Rogers, and Gene Kelly.

Just as notable as the musical and sonic merits of Stanley’s work is her take-charge approach to the creative process that eventuates in a recording. She takes responsibility for every aspect of that process, including hiring the best collaborating musicians and recording professionals—people like recording/mixing engineer Al Schmitt and mastering guru Bernie Grundman. With Interludes, Stanley has also taken on the role of producer, and it’s no mere honorific in this instance.

In person, Lyn Stanley is affable and articulate. To allow the singer to fully expand on her ideas regarding recorded performance and sound, I submitted to her some written queries that she addressed over several weeks; her responses are excerpted here.


Click here to read the entire review.

Bird’s Eye View – Lyn Stanley Sings Live in the Purist Audio Design Room at High End Munich 2015

Munich High End Show 2015.

Article written by Lin from Hifi Pig Magazine. Click to view the full article online >>

Lyn has taken the Hifi world by storm. Her beautiful voice and high quality jazz recordings lend themselves to being played on high end hifi systems….so naturally she has quickly become one of the artists of choice for show exhibitors.

This year Lyn is also performing twice a day in the Purist Audio Design room.

I am partial to a bit of jazz (well, you can’t listen to techno all the time) and I love to hear quality live music…so I know we are in for a treat.

Now, with the show being as it is, our plans to be there early for the 4pm show don’t happen and we only just manage to squeeze in a bit late.

I say squeeze because the room is completely packed with eager fans and absolutely boiling hot…..Lyn, being an utter professional, still manages to look stunningly cool, calm and collected.

Lyn treats us to a demonstration of here live voice against the vinyl version of ‘Fever’ from her ‘Lost in Romance’ album.

The performance is seamless, with all the lush richness or her voice coming through whether we are listening to her live or recorded…….it just goes to show how good music can sound if the recording, production, pressing and the equipment it is played back on is right.

Lyn literally purrs her way through the track (no wonder our ‘Jazz Cat’ loves her so much) and it is with sadness that we can only stay for a short time as we have to make our way to a meeting.

I like Lyn a lot. She is a strong woman who knows how she wants her music to sound; she takes control of every part of the recording and performance process and owns her music.

She captivates the audience and has them eating out of her hand ….I can’t wait to hear her perform live again, but in the meantime, myself, my husband and Lyn’s biggest fan, Clio the ‘Jazz Cat’ can enjoy her music on vinyl in the comfort of our own home….and it will sound just like she is there with us.

Care Audio Presents Lyn Stanley at the 2015 Audio Expo


Care Audio Presents Lyn Stanley

CareAudio is excited to present Lyn Stanley, the newest jazz vocal sensation and International Recording Artist at the 2015 Audio Expo North America on Saturday, April 25 at 1:15pm on the Lobby Level in the Division room.

Known for her sultry, captivating, uniquely lush and beautiful voice, you can hear Lyn Stanley’s amazing sound through audiophile equipment, in a sonically extraordinary setting.

Lyn Stanley has been described by Michael Fremer as a “Chanteuse Extraordinaire,” and her albums are sought-after reference recordings (discs) for audiophiles setting up their systems for perfect sound quality. She has recently become the #1 independent jazz vocal artist on Her recordings, Potions [from the 50s] and Lost In Romance are regarded as the best sounding albums to be released in the past few years. Lyn will be available to sign albums for those attending the show.

Lyn Stanley live appearance: Saturday, April 25, 2015  |  1:15 PM – 2:15 PM

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AXPONA is a convention for anyone who enjoys listening to music, including audiophiles, musicians and lovers of music of all kind.  The three-day immersive experience features the largest showcase of consumer audio manufacturers and retailers ever assembled in one venue.  AXPONA is your ticket to listen to the world’s finest audio systems, compare brands, and access live demonstrations.

Lyn Stanley Live Events, May 2015

Lyn Stanley will be at the following events:

May 14-17, 2015: Munich High End Show

Live Performances for Purist Audio Design each day. For more information: and

May 28-30, 2015: T.H.E. Show

The Hotel Irvine, Newport Beach, California
Live Performances on Thursday, May 28 (5pm-9pm) and intermittently on Friday and Saturday May 29 & 30 with the Mike Garson Trio. Schedule forthcoming. For more information: