Feedback from Audiophile Market on Potions [from the 50s]

Potions [from the 50s] is celebrating its first 2,000 albums sold, making a total of 10,000 albums sold for Lyn Stanley’s work in the past 12 months. In honor of Potions, here is a collection of feedback from the audiophile market…

I go back to early stereo. Long before I joined Billboard and got involved in promoting/forcing stereo radio and later quad records and quad broadcasting, I bought one of the first stereo LPs. Louis Armstrong on Audio Fidelity. At Colony Records on Broadway in Manhattan. I still have it. In fact, I probably also have the second largest collection of quadrasonic in the world. Still have my demodulator. I used to invite people up to the house just to hear quad. I had quad in my study and in my bedroom – both discrete and matrix – and stereo out over the swimming pool.

This is just to let you know that if you like quality audio, you’re going to love this CD by Lyn Stanley. The difference is magnificent! You can hear everything! The lilt of her voice, which you’ll love on “Lullaby of Birdland.” Every nuance of her singing is there. Superb phrasing. Bright, sophisticated. Wonderful to listen to! I believe you’ll enjoy every song on this CD. I liked “Cry Me a River,” “Hey There,” “I’m Walkin’,” “In the Still of the Night,” “Love Potion No. 9,” “After the Lights Go Down Low.” Difficult to find a tune that isn’t tremendous. Call it jazz. Call it adult contemporary…Lord, but you’re great, lady!”–Review by Claude Hall—Considered the dean of radio writers and author of Billboard Magazine’s famous column called, “Vox-Jox” for many years.

Dear Lyn, I listened entirely your new analogue album “Potions”, music from 50’s that I received today from the post…I can only say “Congratulations” ! If the word “jewel” exist in the world of vinyl this is it, this album is a rare perl you gave as a gift to us, the audiophiles and the musicophiles…Great sound, great music and your great voice, nothing else need to be said…this is really awesome…Congratulations also to all the great persons having contributed to this album, Al Schmitt, Bernie Grundman for all their contributions to obtain such a quality vinyl, Kenny Werner and all the other musicians for the quality music and sound that this album offers to us…The sound is so crisp, clean and natural that this album can be used as a reference by the audiophiles to adjust their turntable…
My favorites are “Misty” and “The Man I Love”, both conveying to the listener your emotions during recording…
I don’t know what Michael Fremer will give but for me this album deserves 11/10 for the sound and 11/10 for the music 
Last but not least thanks for having on the same album direct analogue recordings, hybrid analogue/protools and direct protools recordings, giving the audiophiles the opportunity to compare the two world 
Now we are looking for your third album 
Thanks and success on your way…Nuri E., Belgium

“Wow, so I have played all four sides and just have to say that it is one outstanding release. The vinyl quality is superb with absolutely no noise, ticks, pops, etc and you come out all sultry from a dead black background that is very beguiling. I have to ask you if that is your Cadillac? If so can I ask the year?

In any event you definitely have nailed it. Hope Mike Fremer does a review on it on Analog Planet.”—Larry C. Alaska

Hi Lyn, your album is fantastic a lovely sound,-so natural and the band are so tight and together and with you all the way–overall a pleasure to listen to. Thank you—Stephen D., U.K.

Here’s a holly grail of analog. Just came in the mail. I have never heard this lady before but Wow talk about presence and finesse. Analog – Analog – Analog. What a combo. My god Lyn you knocked it out of the park. Your putting a tear in my eye dear, your singing is so beautiful. And your band, just wonderful. I played the first LP 3 times in a row. The sound field is never in your face always stable, height, depth and width are all full size. –Stephen Q. –Canada

There’s not much more that I can say after Stephen ‘ comments. The sound and musicianship are just top notch. On my system, I can heard the difference where the pro tool was used. Analog works here. Use it on your next project.—Ron J., USA

Lyn Stanley, one word for your album is…….Quality. My favor music is ready………..Best quality and 45 rpm the best………. KH, Hong Kong

“Our Vinyl album of the week at Parmenter Sound is by Lyn Stanley International Recording Artist Album- Potions From The 50`s. This is a wonderful sounding record, Lyn`s voice is beautiful and the musicians are first class. Lyn’s new recording, Potions [from the 50s], celebrates the top composers and songs of the era with inspired versions of timeless melodies ranging from jazz, popular hits and blues to country, r&b and doo-wop.. The performances were recorded on analog tape just like the Lps of the 1950s. Potions [from the 50s] is being released not only as a SACD stereo hybrid (which plays on Blu Ray and CD players) and as downloads on but as a 180 gram double-45 RPM vinyl album, a reel-to-reel tape and a vinyl record for audiophiles.” Jason P., New Zealand

Lyn Stanley–the other day, this SACD of Potions [from the 50s] album arrived in Japan. Surrounded by wonderful musicians and staff, and in the high quality of the one of world’s best engineers, AL SCHMITT, Lyn Stanley a lovely singing voice and arrangements are finished in a gorgeous album a. It is a cavalcade of songs I love. A gift, thank you very much. Akira N., Japan

My copy of Lyn Stanley’s “Potions – From the 50’s” album has come! Almost entirely analogue in production, the sound quality is astonishingly good, and Lyn’s singing is beautiful, as is the sensitive playing of her band. Lyn and her recording team have set a new bench mark in audiophile music quality and pressing quality. Vinyl is A1**. Well done Lyn! I am very pleased. Here is the record against a loudspeaker of the 1950s, the Quad ESL57. Compared to Lyn’s last record, which was very good indeed, and recorded digitally, this one, on audio tape, is breathtakingly smooth. Do I think this experiment in Analogue recording was worth it? YES. Do yourselves a favour and buy this masterpiece.—Jake P., U.K.

Excellent music! I wish you every success, you’re earning all of it! I received my LP set today so I am in heaven! Doug R., USA

Got the record today. Just finished my first listen to all four sides. WOW! Beautiful voice and great recording. So nice to have in 45 rpm. Let me know if you are coming to East coast… come to DC or Philly they are closer to Richmond.
Thanks for a great album.”
 Dave, USA