Los Angeles, California-December 16, 2016: It is no news to most that today’s jazz album sales represent less than five percent of all music sales according to Nielsen and some writers speculate it’s about two percent. But here’s one jazz vocal newcomer that’s making a difference. She’s reporting more than 30,000 album sales in the last three years with three albums on the market and another project on the way.


The newest chapter in the remarkable career of jazz vocal recording artist Lyn Stanley is her upcoming recording, The Moonlight Sessions, with Volumes One and Two anticipated release in the spring and fall of 2017. The project will offer classic jazz standards hybrids with classical music-she’s combining Chopin with Jobim’s How Insensitive -and offering new perspectives on pop songs including “At Seventeen” a 1970s hit by singer/songwriter, Janis Ian, and rarely, if ever, covered.


Recognized as “a force to be reckoned with in sultry jazz,” Lyn Stanley became an “overnight” worldwide unsigned artist sales success story and now famous for going first-class with her productions. The Moonlight Sessions is certainly no exception. Volumes One and Two of The Moonlight Sessions will feature songs tying classical music with jazz (think Beethoven, Debussy, Chopin, Ravel and Mozart) this includes “Angel Eyes,” “Over The Rainbow,” “That Old Feeling,” “The Summer Knows” and a “souped-up” version of Patsy Kline’s hit “Crazy” –all Stanley’s idea. Mike Garson, Tamir Hendelman, Christian Jacob, John Chiodini and Doug Walter took Stanley’s lead and offer some creative and fresh arrangements.


Lyn Stanley’s vocals are planned to be joined by an array of jazz greats: pianists Mike Garson, Christian Jacob and Tamir Hendelman, guitarist John Chiodini, bassist Chuck Berghofer, drummer Joe La Barbara, percussionist Luis Conte and other soloists including harmonica maestro Hendrik Meurkens, tenor-saxophonist Rickey Woodard, and trumpeter/trombone player Chuck Findley along with a swing string section. The 23-time Grammy winning Al Schmitt will be at the engineering command station recording the tunes at United Recording Studio (formerly Ocean Way) in Hollywood California. Bernie Grundman is the mastering engineer. Arranger Sammy Nestico (and Lyn Stanley fan) gets the album dedication based on his contributions and encouragement of her career.


Lyn Stanley has become a skilled producer and involved in every step of her high end productions making certain that her albums have both superb music and sound by overseeing the recording, mixing and mastering of her music. The result: her recordings are not only highly rated musically but are prized possessions in the audiophile market as 45RPM Vinyl, SACDs, high resolution downloads, and 15ips reel-to-reel tape. Almost singlehandedly, she is responsible for her recordings becoming best sellers around the world with top marks for sonics as audiophile reference recordings-the gold standard in this industry. She’s also been CDBaby’s Top 100 Seller and #1 Jazz Vocal for each of her albums. They carry over 600,000 titles.


In just three years, Lyn Stanley’s music has gained the attention of jazz music critics from Asia to Australia and Europe, applauding her style reminiscent of jazz golden era singers like Peggy Lee, Julie London and Sarah Vaughan. Discovered in 2011 by the late jazz legend pianist Paul Smith (known best as Ella Fitzgerald’s accompanist) she has grown as a singer to the point where Stereophile magazine named her “The Audiophile Jazz Chanteuse of the Decade.” Her previous jazz vocal recordings include, Interludes (2015), Potions [from the 50s’] (2014) and her 2013 debut release, Lost In Romance. She’s not alone is beginning with this group of music lovers, singer/songwriter Norah Jones began with them before her career took a turn to the larger pop music market.


A melodic singer known for her unique sultry alto multi-colored toned voice and a love for the timeless material via new twists in the jazz arrangements she orchestrates. Gaining a reputation as a “musician’s singer” Stanley has gained respect for her fresh approach from pop to standards ranging from Zeppelin’s “Whole Lotta Love” to the classics like “Fever.” Big band arranger known to like arranging for quality singers, Sammy Nestico, recently wrote about her to a colleague, “What a thrill to work with such great talent!”


Lyn Stanley begins vinyl pre-orders for The Moonlight Sessions in December. She has also opened an exclusive club with slots for 100 dedicated fans called The Lyn Stanley Society. This club will offer some interesting opportunities for sound recording enthusiasts interested in learning more about the recording. mastering and pressing plant processes. These exclusive club members can attend a recording or mastering session or participate in a blog where they will be given “a behind the scenes” view of how her music is made and receive advanced copies of the final work. More information about Moonlight Sessions can be found at or contacting