Jazz Singer Charts Her “Own Way” to Top

Lyn Stanley’s Voice and Acumen Create International Success

San Clemente, CA April 20, 2014

No label owns Lyn Stanley’s gifted contralto plush with sable-sleek low notes.

All the jazz-canon arrangements and recordings belong to her. Her CDs and vinyls sell out at breathtaking rates. Any number of agents, managers or record companies long to intercept parts of her payday.

Smart music and business moves keep Ms. Stanley in financial and creative control of this burgeoning empire. For starters, she selects Who’s Who musicians who tour with Tony Bennett or play for Barbra Streisand and Natalie Cole. Near home, she records in Los Angeles’ Capitol Records Studio A where Sinatra crooned the room’s acoustic magic into hits “his way.”

That location houses Ms. Stanley’s technical wizard sound engineer and 21-time Grammy winner, Al Schmitt. With the likes of Ms. Stanley and Paul McCartney, he lays tracks into state-of-the-art editing programs through Sinatra’s venerable, old-school microphone. Lyn and Al also take pains to satisfy fussy purists who insist on analog formats played through their $1,000,000 home sound set ups.

In a sly sense, Ms. Stanley’s music also reverses the natural order of dance following music. As an international standard ballroom Pro/Am champion, her songs motivate movement in a way that few jazz singers accomplish.

Performer packaging is key. Seen in person (NYC Metropolitan Room May 7), her Golden Era drama-hat-and-evening-glove good looks incite youthful listeners to wistful desire for bygone glamour and glorious memories for their elders.

Lyn Stanley’s first 2014 appearance in NYC comes 9:30pm on May 7 in Manhattan’s famed Metropolitan Room. Early reservation is recommended to ensure a place in the 115-seat space. NYC legends Mike Renzi (piano), Jay Leonhart (bass) and David Ratajczak (drums) will accompany Ms. Stanley.

For more information: Lyn Stanley   310 982-7580   info@lynstanley.com
For reservations: Metropolitan Room 34 W 22nd St, New York, NY10010
(212) 206-0440 www.metropolitanroom.com)