Lyn Stanley & Interludes – a Hit Among Critics

A mere two years ago in 2013 she debuted her very first album Lost in Romance, which became an overnight sensation worldwide. Last year she premiered her second Potions From the 50s and now in 2015 we are more than thrilled to have her third CD Interludes, which I predict will be her biggest hit to date. Over 5,000 customers have already pre-ordered the album, so Stanley is well on her way to becoming a jazz superstar. She is already at the top of the market in Japan. It is no wonder, as not only does she possess a deep and rich velvety smooth voice but the CDs are fabulously produced. She is backed by a magnificent orchestra, sings splendid arrangements and…the CD itself is packaged divinely. There are beautiful black and white photos with just a touch of red showing up here and there. Lyn Stanley and Interludes are a class act.

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