Little Drummer Boy Accepted to First Round Ballot for 2015 Grammy Awards

Lyn Stanley’s holiday recording of Little Drummer Boy has been accepted to the first round ballot for the 2015 Grammy Awards. The song is in categories #63 (Composing/Arranging Field – Arrangement, Instruments and Vocals), #5 (Pop Field – Pop Solo Performance), and #1 (General Field – Record Of The Year). In celebration of this accomplishment, fans can now purchase the .mp3 download of Little Drummer Boy for only $0.99. The song is available on and here on Lyn Stanley’s website.

The 57th Annual GRAMMY Awards® first-round ballots were mailed to nearly 12,000 voting members of The Recording Academy®. More than 20,000 entries were received this year, of which 17,144 remained valid. Nominations for the 57th GRAMMY Awards will be announced the first week of December. Final ballots will go out on Dec. 17, 2014.

Click here to listen to the full song of Little Drummer Boy.