Michael Fremer of AnalogPlanet: Lyn Stanley Serves Standards Superbly Sang

Michael Fremer says: “Ms. Stanley and the album are welcome throwbacks to the era of high concept album-making and gutsy, on-mic performance purity.”

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Some article highlights:

“The ballads like “The Nearness of You”, “You Go To My Head,” “My Foolish Heart” and “One For My Baby” work the best. They are ones around which Ms. Stanley can really wrap her voice and exert her phrasing excellence. The sly, mid-tempo “Too Close For Comfort” allows Stanley to show that she can also swing freely, push out the power and then deftly draw it back. For me, it’s one of the album’s vocal showcases.”

“Meanwhile, I don’t care what’s in your record collection, this one will head near or to the top as among the best sounding in your collection. Lost In Romance is one album where the outstanding sound is matched by the music making. I’m not saying if you are a metal-rocker Lyn Stanley is going to convert you to jazz-cabaret, but maybe.”

“Given the pristine recording, the ideal mix by the great Al Schmitt at Capitol Studios, the mastering by Bernie Grundman (with Lyn Stanley), the gatefold packaging and numbered, limited edition, double 45rpm 180g Pallas pressing (the album’s also available as a DSD download), it’s clear Stanley is bidding for a home in the female vocalist-friendly “audiophile” market. Mission accomplished.”