My first response is “WOW”

Hi Lyn,

Last night I finally got some reflection time to allow me to listen to your CD in a fully attentive manner.

My first response is “WOW”.

I just love the way that you present these very romantic songs. The name of the album is very appropriate. It makes me long to be younger again for a few moments. I know that you have worked with the great Marge Rivington and attended the workshop at Yale. If some of your presentation is a result of those experiences, you certainly have made some wise investments for your career. I just love ballads and you surely have sung them with feeling and meaning. Once again “WOW”.

The investment that you have made in hiring the top musicians to back you up has paid off big time for you on this CD. The arrangements are incredibly good. The musicians don’t step on you at all, but rather come in at perfectly timed places to significantly add to the enhancement of your singing. And a beautiful voice it is as well.

To top it off the CD graphics and packaging are far better than most.

I personally, am so happy to be working with you. I will commit to helping you in any way that I can. Your talent has to get out to the world. I will be making a series of personal phone calls to selected patrons to encourage them to attend the concert on the 17th.

Directors, go to to listen to this fabulous talent.

Best Regards,
Wayne Biessman
Jazz4Us President