Live At Studio A–Immersive 5.1 plus Hybrid SACD


This SACD is the king of sound offering you spectacular 192/24 bit stereo in 5.1 surround sound, single DSD and 16/44000 wav file options.  It will play on your most sophisticated DADC or in most car CD players.  This tribute to Julie London in front of a live audience will take you directly into the night where wonderful music was made at Capitol Recording’s famous Studio A.

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This is the ultimate sounding SACD.  The foundation of the recording is 192/24bit–high res offering 5.1 surround sound, single DSD and 16.44000 wav files.  Here you have one of the finest sounding SACDs available on the market.  Most 5.1 surround sound SACDs are based on 96/24bit.  They cannot compare.  One of the Original SACD player engineers, Gus Skinas, said this SACD “Is the best I have ever heard.”

Plus this album was engineered by two of the most famous audiophile engineers on the planet, Allen Sides (recording and mixing) and Bernie Grundman (mastering).  The musicians are Los Angeles’ finest jazzbos who have worked with the best in the industry.  This is Lyn’s live show at the world-famous Capitol Recording Studio A.   Some of the finest music of all time was recorded here.  You will have an audiophile’s dream- perfect location-with attentive engineers and fine performers to create a keepsake album you’ll want to pull out to show off your system or just enjoy the music and get lost in a live performance.

Gus Skinas worked with Bernie Grundman studio to author this SACD.  It’s perfection.  The price is higher for this SACD because the music had to be mixed twice–once for 5.1 surround sound and another time for the traditional mix. Everything post-production had to be passed by twice and the sound was checked by both Allen Sides and Bernie Grundman before pressing.

Not to mention, this album is probably Lyn Stanley’s best singing–where she gets to interact with the audience–and deliver an outstanding performance.

The album comes with a 20-page booklet with liner note contributions by Neville Roberts (UK-audiophile writer) and Lyn Stanley.


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Dimensions 8 × 8 × 1 in

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