REEL TO REEL- Lyn Stanley Signature Series Master Tape Copy


My Signature Series tapes have been created for their excellence and ease of use with my discerning customers and music fans in mind. Each tape has been created from my Bernie Grundman master and limited production to 200 copies. I offer my album in tape using the extraordinary Recording of The Masters 900 Series tapes to reproduce the closest sound possible to my original recordings.
The tape packaging is personalized. I have given you both the song titles AND approximately where they will begin on your tape machine’s foot marker making song selections easier for you to find. The aluminum flanges are engraved so you know you have an authentic version of my tapes. And tapes are boxed in special black boxes with my label again to assure you are getting an authentic version of my work.

I hope you will collect my music on tape as it is one of my favorite ways of listening to be as close to our live performances as possible.

Enjoy the music!
Lyn Stanley


A new “Lyn Stanley Premium Master Copy Signature Series Tape” series and they are created from the Bernie Grundman mastered tapes.  This series will have highest quality standards for analog tape reproduction by one of the state of the art tape copy mastering houses in the world.  They will be created as 1/4 inch 15ips reels and made to order.  CCIR/IEC versions ONLY (NAB is a special order $25.00 extra). Anticipate approximately 6-10 weeks from order to mailing to customers (thanks to COVID shutdowns).  There are two SM911 tapes per album (with the exception of the one-reel ATM3108 SAMPLER) with a slipcover box (available for $20.00).  Some albums come with a poster/liner notes. You must specify which album you are interested in purchasing in your purchase notes.

Additional information

Weight 8 lbs
Dimensions 14 × 14 × 16 in