REEL TO REEL – Lyn Stanley Signature Series™ Tapes


The Lyn Stanley Signature Series™ tapes are made to order and have a base price of $675.00 per album.  Made to order and can take up to four weeks to ship, but typically two weeks or less.  If you are interested, please contact for more information.  Shipping, handling and transaction fees are calculated by order based on the number of albums purchased and location of the purchaser.  Also, purchases may be made by wire transfer (international purchasers may appreciate this), PayPal (there is a fee charged by Paypal) or you can request an invoice by PayPal to opt for more payment options.

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A new “Lyn Stanley Master Recording Signature™ Series” are copies made from the Bernie Grundman production mastered analog tape mixed and mastered album reel to reel available in 15ips IEC/CCIR or NAB formats of RGMI 900 tapes.  Each album has personalized Lyn Stanley Signature™ Series engraved flange(s) and comes with an outer black slip box to protect and keep the tapes together.

The albums available in this series include:

  1. Lost In Romance,
  2. Potions [from the 50s],
  3. Interludes,
  4. The Moonlight Sessions Volumes One
  5. The Moonlight Sessions Volume Two,
  6. London Calling, and
  7. A sampler of seven songs from the LIVE D2D recording of London with a Twist (tape capture was at the same time as the lacquer capture).

If you are curious about the quality and sound from this tape series, there is an exciting review of The Moonlight Sessions Volume Two Signature Series tape by Marc Phillips of Positive Feedback.  The review link is:

“[purchaser review of the Live At Studio A sampler tape]”…all I can say is wow!…Love the music…but that recording and sound on my system blew me away.” M. Mc.

Additional information

Weight 3 lbs
Dimensions 14 × 14 × 4 in