Special Limited Edition: London Calling – A Toast to Julie London double vinyl album


This is a master recording hi-fidelity recording of 17 songs tracked and mixed at United Recording (formerly Ocean Way) in Los Angeles.  Mixed by Allen Sides (Ocean Way Audio) and Bernie Grundman of Bernie Grundman Mastering.  RTI pressed the audiophile quality recording.  Two discs included with a total of over an hour of music.


Special Limited Edition:  500 UNITS ONLY ARE SIGNED AND NUMBERED.  NOTE: NUMBERS ASSIGNED BASED ON ORDER NUMBER AND DATE RECEIVED.  Pressing expected to be delivered January 15, 2019 by RTI. There are a total of 2000 albums to be pressed.  This is a quality audiophile grade 33 1/3RPM  180 gram double vinyl album includes a beautiful full color 11 x 11 inches 20 page booklet filled (there is a famous typo with this booklet) with stylized photos of Lyn by Evelina Pentcheva and also has jazz historian Scott Yanow’s liner notes about the 17 songs in the album and their history.  This is included as a bonus ($10.00 value).

Special Limited Edition/500 units only:  Signed by the artist and numbered (e.g. 001/500).  Includes full color 20 booklet with Liner Notes.

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Weight 2.4 lbs
Dimensions 14 × 14 × .75 in
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