Review on ‘Lost in Romance’ from the Netherlands

This review was originally published in a Dutch audio magazine.
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Hey? Theo now what?
Yes, I’m with this story now in the blog tread the path of the “modern”. It is like this. While waiting in line for the beginning of the ‘Monster’ concert of the’ Jackson Four ‘at the entrance to the auditorium of Casino Planet Hollywood in Las Vegas January 6 J.L. I was waiting with Danielle de Kock and Michel Keyner ( and I met Ken Kessler against in the company of an unknown to me lady. Ken introduced her to me and she turned out to be a singer and gave me this SACD. I promised not to pay attention to my column; deed of. And with great pleasure. What a find! Lyn sings a dozen songs by Irving Berlin, John Davenport, Ned Washington, Willie Dixon, Stephen Sondheim, to name a few. And she can sing! ‘Fever’, for example – if you are to open up to a new version of it – is very convincing and Lyn is accompanied by a number of top musicians, wherein the recording is also of impeccable quality. Michael Fremer has stated about this recording: “I do not care what’s in your record collection, this one will head or near to the top as among the best sounding in your collection.” Thank you Lyn for the CD, and Ken for the introduction. This album is now in my demo-line up!