Reviews are coming in for London Calling – A Toast To Julie London

Quote from KKJz-88.1 Global Jazz, Inc owner Saul Levine:

” Lyn-I have been in radio for 60 years. I have heard most of the great recordings of all time.I have met with hundreds of the great artists of all time.
Your “London Calling” is so wonderful that I am placing it with the all time great recordings in that perspective.

Saul Levine “

From the great composer and arranger, Artie Butler:

 “Hi Lyn,

 Terrific CD. Really terrific.  I LOVE LOVE  LOVE “Goody Goody”.  I think that this CD is going to be a successful one for you. “Sway” is also great. I was good friends with Norman Gimbel who wrote the lyric. He just passed away last week. Great job Lyn really.  

Hugs from one of your biggest fans, 


I also really like “Light My Fire”


Broadway World critic, Don Grigware:
“I have reviewed her since her first album Lost in Romance, released in 2013. I have heard her grow from good to great…but London Calling is by far her best work…absolutely. I understand she rehearsed tirelessly with her musicians in a band searching for just the right way to capture Julie London‘s singing style.”   Click here to read full review.
Audiophile reviewer John M. Crossett III of Aural Musings
“And Lyn found seventeen songs that both fit the album’s concept and Ms. Stanley’s conception of how she wanted this album to play. Pulling some of Julie London’s most loved tunes, like “Cry Me A River,” “Blue Moon,” And “As Time Goes By” with less remembered numbers to create an album that anyone would be proud to have as a memorial to their life’s work – as I’m sure Julie would if she still here to hear this album for herself.” To read the review click here.
Jazz reviewer, Jim Hynes
“Self-made DYI jazz vocalist Lyn Stanley has achieved enough success through five best selling albums to have some fun and…pay tribute to another artist.” Read the review here


Michael Doherty, Music Blogger

“I love her voice. Just absolutely love her voice.”  Read the review here