Testimonial from KKJZ Owner Saul Levine

I have been noting all the fuss about Lyn Stanley. So I decided to carefully review her Album. “Lost In Romance”. Now I am a booster. I hate to date myself but I have been programming Jazz for eons. And I am impressed. I am adding 7 tracks for air play on KKJZ (88.1) and we have a second jazz channel on 88.1 HD2 for just Jazz Vocals and she gets on that too. A couple of the tracks we have already by Sinatra. But I am adding Stanley’s anyway, and Frank better watch out.

And, I am pleased to report that very soon I am bringing cool Jazz Radio back to Monterey, and Stanley’s songs will be on it. (Last week, we brought Classical Radio back to Monterey after it had been dropped by another station). I think Stanley could even do an album on Puccini and it would be great.