London With A Twist

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  • The Challenge LP- Direct-To-Disc versus Tape-To-Disc 45prm/180g single disc


    For the true audiophile, a challenge LP to compare the sound of two different formats of the same three songs.  You can let your system tell you which format is best, and end the debate.  If you have the album, London With A Twist, you can also compare red vinyl to black vinyl sound!  Only orders from this website will get Lyn’s signature on the jacket.

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  • Love My High-End Life -Vinyl and Martini T-Shirt–Handcrafted in San Clemente, CA.


    Celebrate the fun of High-End Audio with this creative t-shirt designed by Lyn Stanley as part of her Direct-To-Disc 45rpm recording “London With A Twist.” Really soft and comfortable and comes in two colors– 1) baby blue and 2) medium grey from fine quality ring spun 100% cotton.  The shirt will be sent in a large bubble envelope to reduce shipping costs.  

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  • SACD version of London With A Twist-LIVE at Bernie’s (ATM3108)


    This is one of the most unusual SACD’s you will ever own. In addition to the traditional CD layer that plays in most automobiles and CD players, you will also be hearing two DSD layers–one from a Needle Drop of the Master test pressing and the other from the analog tape captured at the time of the LIVE session.

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  • Limited Edition Direct to Disc -Lyn Stanley “London With A Twist” -Live At Bernie’s


    Released May 10, 2019 in Munich Germany.  2,000 units produced of this Limited Edition pressing and 1000 were sold in first 10 days following release.  Shipping will be billed at cost  (domestic and international).  All orders are on a first come, first served basis based on PayPal order date and time of purchase.  All California purchases will be charged sales tax.

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