SACD version of London With A Twist-LIVE at Bernie’s (ATM3108)


This is one of the most unusual SACD’s you will ever own. In addition to the traditional CD layer that plays in most automobiles and CD players, you will also be hearing two DSD layers–one from a Needle Drop of the Master test pressing and the other from the analog tape captured at the time of the LIVE session.

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Order NOW!  Released May 2019

ATM3108 SACD version of London With A Twist-Live Version of the Direct To Disc recording. This 12 song Super Audio Hybrid CD (SACD) has the same 12 tracks that are on the Direct-To-Disc version of the same album title. The disc has a 16 44000 redbook layer that will play on most CD players (car or otherwise) and also TWO single DSD layers for those who have a blue ray or DSD player.  

One of the DSD layers is a Needle Drop created by Gus Skinas from  virgin test pressings of the Metal Lacquer Master (tracks 1-12).   PS Audio’s analog engineer, Darren Myers worked with Gus Skinas with this equipment:  Clearaudio Mastr Solution Turntable, Lyra Kleos Cartridge, PS Audio Stellar Photo Preamphlifier.

The other DSD tracks (13-24) were created by Bernie Grundman and are from the LIVE recording session Recording of the Masters analog tape capture directly from the console. Limited production non-numbered.

Listen to a sample “Pink Cadillac”

Listen to a sample “Route 66”

Listen to a sample “Love Letters”




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Dimensions 6 × 6 × 6 in