Bird’s Eye View – Lyn Stanley Sings Live in the Purist Audio Design Room at High End Munich 2015

Article written by Lin from Hifi Pig Magazine. Click to view the full article online >>

Lyn has taken the Hifi world by storm. Her beautiful voice and high quality jazz recordings lend themselves to being played on high end hifi systems….so naturally she has quickly become one of the artists of choice for show exhibitors.

This year Lyn is also performing twice a day in the Purist Audio Design room.

I am partial to a bit of jazz (well, you can’t listen to techno all the time) and I love to hear quality live music…so I know we are in for a treat.

Now, with the show being as it is, our plans to be there early for the 4pm show don’t happen and we only just manage to squeeze in a bit late.

I say squeeze because the room is completely packed with eager fans and absolutely boiling hot…..Lyn, being an utter professional, still manages to look stunningly cool, calm and collected.

Lyn treats us to a demonstration of here live voice against the vinyl version of ‘Fever’ from her ‘Lost in Romance’ album.

The performance is seamless, with all the lush richness or her voice coming through whether we are listening to her live or recorded…….it just goes to show how good music can sound if the recording, production, pressing and the equipment it is played back on is right.

Lyn literally purrs her way through the track (no wonder our ‘Jazz Cat’ loves her so much) and it is with sadness that we can only stay for a short time as we have to make our way to a meeting.

I like Lyn a lot. She is a strong woman who knows how she wants her music to sound; she takes control of every part of the recording and performance process and owns her music.

She captivates the audience and has them eating out of her hand ….I can’t wait to hear her perform live again, but in the meantime, myself, my husband and Lyn’s biggest fan, Clio the ‘Jazz Cat’ can enjoy her music on vinyl in the comfort of our own home….and it will sound just like she is there with us.