Lyn Stanley’s “Interludes” & “Potions: From the 50’s” Included in Best Releases of 2015

C. Michael Bailey’s Best Releases Of 2015

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Lyn Stanley
Potions: From the ’50s

We Baby Boomers are a persnickety bunch. We revel in our nostalgia while keeping a jaundiced eye on current trends and how derivative they are compared with those we experienced when they were really new. Critics dismiss this nostalgia as wasted pathos, pining away for what can never be again. That is missing the point. Memory and reminiscence are powerful comforts much like a cat’s purr.



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Vocalist/producer Lyn Stanley has established herself as a foremost stylist of the Great American Songbook. That is no mean feat. The sheer amount of vocal music made each year around the Songbook is impressive. It is too bad that the quality of a great many of those recordings is not equally impressive. Stanley’s two previous recordings, Lost in Romance (Self Produced, 2013) and Potions: From the ’50s (Self Produced, 2014), have been an evolving prelude to the present.