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  • The Moonlight Sessions Project-Volumes One and Two-2CD Set


    Now you can enjoy all the incredible 26 songs from The Moonlight Sessions Volumes One and Two in one CD package set.  This high quality CD package comes with an insert describing the project and two CDs placed into individual pockets inside a jacket that looks like a mini vinyl record.

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  • The Moonlight Sessions Vol. 2 SACD-Artist Signed

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  • The Moonlight Sessions Vol. 2-One Step-Special Limited Edition, 45RPM, 180g, SuperSonicVinyl™ Double Vinyl Album


    Lyn Stanley’s The Moonlight Series Volume Two was released in August 2017.  To date, 1000/2000 of this album have been pressed on the first press run. The song selections are a mixture of jazz standard songs laced with quotes from famous classical composers such as Beethoven, Debussy, Mozart, Maurice Ravel and Chopin from the 1920s to 1970s plus a few “out of the jazz box” songs.  Let Lyn Stanley’s highly acclaimed sultry vocals along with her world class musicians take you on an emotional journey of love’s trials and triumphs with arrangements that have been given multiple reviewers’ Five Star ratings!

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  • The Moonlight Sessions Vol. 1 SACD

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  • Interludes Poster signed

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  • Interludes Poster

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  • Interludes – Signed CD

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  • Lost In Romance – signed double album LP–SOLD OUT!

    45 RPM 180 gram double album-4th and last pressing by A.T. Music LLC.  SOLD OUT.

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  • Little Drummer Boy – mp3 download

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  • Interludes – Double Vinyl LP

  • Interludes – Reel to Reel

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  • Interludes – SACD-Stereo Hybrid